Precinct Captains

What Does a Precinct Captain Do?

  • Attends monthly Democratic Executive Committee (DEC) meetings
  • Acts as the direct link between the Marion County Democratic Party and the voters in the election precinct
  • Represents the precinct as a voting member of the DEC
  • Works to get out the vote (GOTV):
    • Identifies our favorable voters, persuades the undecided, and makes sure our supporters go to the polls on Election Day
    • Provides voters with candidate and party information
    • Canvasses the precinct
    • Registers new voters

Precinct Captain candidates must complete a Committeeman and Committeewoman (Precinct Captain) Application and be approved by a quorum at the monthly DEC meeting. After Precinct Captains are approved by the DEC, their names are filed with the Supervisor of Elections office.

Contact LaVonda McCandless at if you’re interested in becoming a Precinct Captain.