By Sheila J. Loughlin, Coordinated Campaign Chair

What happened with Florida House District 24?

You probably recall that the Florida House District 24 seat opened when Representative Joseph Harding resigned after being indicted on multiple charges. Unfortunately, no Democratic candidate submitted qualifying documents for the seat. Several Republican candidates qualified: Justin Albright, Ryan Chamberlin, Jose Juarez, Stephen Pyles, Charlie Stone and write-in candidate Robert Fox.

It looks like we have Democratic candidates for the Town of Reddick race!

The Town of Reddick will be holding its annual election on April 5th, 2023. We are thrilled to hear from Precinct Captain Mary Ann Lambert that Nadine Stokes and Shirley Youmans have agreed to run for re-election to the Town Council! We will keep you advised of ways that you can help with their campaigns.

There are other candidate opportunities:

In the City of Ocala

The City of Ocala is having its election on September 19 th 2023. Candidates must submit qualifying documents between July 10 th , 2023 and July 14 th , 2023. If you are interested in running for Mayor of the City of Ocala and are eligible for the race, please let us know at We can direct you to candidate training. We also can let you know what the Marion County Democratic Party has done in the past for Democratic candidates and what the Marion County Democratic Party can do for you.

In the City of Dunnellon

We have just learned that Dunnellon Mayor Bill White abruptly resigned on January 19 th , 2023. As of this writing, there is no information about a special election on the Marion County’s Supervisor of Elections website. We will keep you posted. This is an opportunity to get a Democrat elected. If you are interested in running for Mayor of Dunnellon and are eligible for the race, please contact us at

We were at the Marion County Legislative Delegation event

We had the opportunity to attend the Marion County Legislative Delegation event at the College of Central Florida on January 6 th , 2023. The representatives of Marion County were present: State Senator Rick Perry (R), State Representatives Yvonne Hinson (D), Stan McClain (R), Bobby Payne (R) and Ralph Massullo (R). The representatives sat at the head table listening to county and state officials, representatives of municipalities, as well as the public. Some of the public testimony pertained to non-partisan matters, such as the need for protecting the springs of Marion County. However, the audience was a sea of red shirts with several Republicans taking the opportunity to voice their opposition to vaccines, abortions and vote-by-mail ballots. I took the opportunity to thank the Supervisor of Elections for an election well run and express our support for vote-by-mail ballots. I also looked at the Republican dominated head table and reminded them that they represented all of the people of Marion County, including approximately 80,000 Democrats and 70,000 No Party Affiliates. I asked them to resist extreme politics and encouraged them to work with Democrats to achieve some lasting bipartisan legislation.

Thanks to Bert Perkins, Audrietta Izlar and and Loretta Jenkins for attending. I hope more Democrats can join me at the next Marion County Legislative Delegation event. It would be nice to have more blue in the audience next time around.

We also participated in MLK Day festivities

The Marion County Democratic Party partnered with the Democratic Women’s Club of Marion County for Martin Luther King Jr. Day festivities on January 16th, 2023. We marched in the parade from downtown Ocala to Webb Field. We also set up the Marion County Democratic Party tent to talk politics, register voters and enjoy what turned out to be a beautiful day. It was nice working with Bert Perkins, Sonia Palmer and Francine Julius Edwards on the event.

We were at the Bigger Than Roe rally, too!

Marion County Democrats also were present at the Bigger Than Roe rally sponsored by NOW of Greater Marion County and ODA on Sunday, January 22 nd , 2023. Several people showed up at the corner of Routes 40 and 441 in downtown Ocala carrying signs supporting women’s reproductive rights and the Equal Rights Amendment. Most people in attendance were registered Democrats, but it was a great chance to remind people that they need to re-apply for their vote-by-mail ballots.

Can you help us out by volunteering?

We have been very busy and could use your help. If you would like to assist with the coordinated campaign or voter registration, please contact me at or We really would like to hear from you!