Come join us and make a difference in Marion County politics! 

We have the following volunteer options available:

  • Precinct Captains. Engage with people in your precinct to inform, encourage, and support voting. Precinct Captains have the most important job in the party.
  • Treasurer. Manage finances; pay bills; attend all Steering Committee and DEC meetings; and submit monthly reports to the DEC, quarterly reports to the Supervisor of Elections (SOE) office, and annual report for an audit to the SOE and Florida Democratic Party. *Must be a Precinct Captain for this voting position.
  • Fundraising Lead. Plan major gifts campaigns, increase our sustaining donor program, and find sponsorships and newsletter advertisers.
  • Volunteer Lead. Call prospective new volunteers to explain volunteer leads and answer questions, advertise, and recruit for needed positions.
  • Hispanic Outreach Lead. Organize Hispanic outreach activities/events in the county.
  • Hispanic Outreach Assistants. Help us reach Hispanic voters in the county through direct contact (door-to-door canvassing, phone calling, voter registration events) and translation of materials for digital communications. Fluency in Spanish is ideal, but not a requirement to help.
  • Database Analyst. Learn the capabilities of VAN/Votebuilder for data mining, detect developing trends in our Marion County voter base to help target events and voter-oriented activities. This type of data analysis was a key element in the development of Stacey Abrams’ strategy. 
  • Data Assistants. Use the VAN/Votebuilder system to improve and maintain the accuracy of our voter and volunteer database.
  • Office Assistants. Answer phones, print materials, assist with computer tasks and miscellaneous office tasks. Must have basic computer skills.
  • Graphic Design Assistants. Crop/resize/optimize photos for the web, create graphics in Canva or other design tool to go along with social media posts, design flyers and informational materials, assist with branding and creating a brand kit in Canva.
  • Social Media Assistants. Post info on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; create graphics in Canva or other design tool(s) to go along with posts; schedule posts based on best timing; report on analytics.
  • Web Content Assistants. Keep content on website updated, add photos and event information, do regular website backups. Must know WordPress well.

Please contact us via the email form below if you’re interested in one or more of these positions.

    Precinct Captain
    Fundraising Lead
    Volunteer Lead
    Hispanic Outreach Lead
    Hispanic Outreach Assistants
    Database Analyst
    Data Assistants
    Office Assistants
    Graphic Design Assistants
    Social Media Assistants
    Web Content Assistants