The Florida Legislature is now in session. The Republican Supermajority is pushing through bills at an alarming speed that are contrary to what Democrats believe in. Let’s reach out to our elected officials to voice our opinion, even if the bill has passed the House, the Senate or been signed by the Governor. Email addresses and phone numbers are below to make it easy.

Let our Marion County Representatives and Governor DeSantis know that you are opposed to:

  • SB300, the near total abortion ban banning abortions after 6 weeks;
  • HB 1421, the “Trans Ban Bill” prohibiting gender affirming care to minors and denying legal recognition of transition;
  • SB1320, the “Don’t Say Gay LGBTQ Expansion Bill” expands the “Don’t Say Gay” law by banning school districts from acknowledging the existence of LGBTQ people in pre-K to 8th grade and mandating that instruction and
    makes it easier for parents to challenge books in schools.
  • SB254, Treatment of Sex Reassignment, which would threaten parents of transgender your with prison and loss of custody.
  • HB999, the “MAGA University Bill” forbids colleges and universities from spending money on any program that espouses “diversity, equity and inclusion.”
  • HJR 31, for partisan Elections for Members of District School Boards proposing a Constitutional amendment that school board members be elected in a partisan election.
  • HB991, the “Empower Bigots Act”, is the Governor’s way of using the courts to punish journalists and anyone else who criticizes him or other government figures, including online bloggers and other social media users.
  • SB1718, anti-immigration legislation enhancing fines on Florida businesses hiring undocumented workers.
  • HB 225, about Interscholastic and Intrascholastic Activities, the bill that wants to give the governor total control over the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) (passed by the House);
  • HB 477, proposing term limits for District School Board Members, that would reduce term limits of school board members from 12 years to 8 years (passed by the House);
  • HB 543/SB150, the permitless carry gun bill that is falsely named and will harm public safety (passed by the House and Senate);
  • HB 1, the expanded School Voucher program, that will move money from public schools to private schools with little oversight (already signed by the Governor);
  • HB 837, the Civil Remedies bill, the expansive tort reform bill that will make it harder for victims to seek justice (already signed by the Governor);

Let them know that you support:

  • HB 19, on Individual Education Plans, the bill that would include ways in which students with IEPs could provide informed consent to allow parents to continue to participate in educational decisions.
  • SB 144, Lactation Space in Courthouses, that requires at least one lactation space in each county courthouse for breastfeeding mothers to pump or feed their babies.


Governor of Florida

Governor Ron DeSantis (R)

Florida State House

District 20

Bobby Payne (R) – 386-312-2272
Palatka Office: 3841 Reid St., Ste 5, Palatka, FL 32177-2509

District 21

Yvonne Hayes Hinson (D) – 352-264-4001
Gainesville Office: 2815 NW 13th St., Ste 202, Gainesville, FL 32609-2865

District 23

Ralph E. Massullo, MD (R) – 352-560-6075
Inverness Office: 106 E. Dampier St., Inverness, FL 34450-4242

District 24

NO REPRESENTATION: See Special Election Information to replace Rep. Harding, early voting begins Feb. 25-Mar 4, 2023, mail ballot request deadline is Feb 25 by 5PM. Election day is March 7th. Special General Election voter registration deadline is Apr 17, early voting May 6-13, mail ballot request deadline is May 6, election day is May 16th.

District 27

Stan McClain (R) – 352-732-1313
Ocala Office: 315 SE 25th Ave., Ocala, FL 34471-2689

Florida State Senate

District 8

Keith Perry (R) – 850-487-5008

Thanks to Jean Siebenaler from the Democratic Women’s Club of Florida and the Florida Democratic Party for their help in tracking these bills.