Why do you vote for Democrats? Let’s hear it!

Why are you a Democrat? Or why do you vote for Democrats? We want to hear from YOU!

Take a 15-90 second video of yourself telling us and everyone why you vote for Democrats, why you’re a registered Democrat, or why you support Democrats and drop it using the submission form below. Here are a few helpful guidelines—

  • Minimum 10 seconds, maximum 90 seconds (we will edit down)
  • Up to three top reasons why you support Democratic party & ideals. If you can say “I’m proud to be a Democrat because…”, you’ll get bonus points!
  • Do multiple “takes” until you have a clip that you love.
  • Enlist a young person if you need assistance, they’re all about video selfies.
  • If you’d like us to help you create your video, send us an email and we’ll get in touch to lend a hand.

Your clip may be included on our website and our social media channels in the future. You may choose to identify yourself by first and/or last name in the video, or be anonymous! Either way, your vote MATTERS to us!

Vote for Democrats