Marion Oaks Democratic Club

The Marion Oaks Democratic Club meets on the third Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. at the Marion Oaks Community Center, 294 Marion Oaks Lane, Ocala, FL


President: Barbara Lawrence

Treasurer: Timothy Brown

Secretary: Sandra Peralta

Finance Chair/Fund Raising: Walter Sargeant

Publicity Chair: Warneford Joseph

Membership: Susan Mannino

Hospitality: Gwendolyn Bailey

Parliamentarian: Winsome Stern

Marion Oaks Community Center
Marion Oaks Community Center

Mission Statement

The mission of the Marion Oaks Democratic Club is to elect Democrats to all levels of government​.

Marion Oaks is an unincorporated community on the outskirts of Ocala and Bellview.

Marion Oaks Democratic Club Hillary 2016
Some of our club members at a Hillary Clinton rally in 2016

The club invites guest speakers to inform members of issues that impact the community and our nation. Also invited are Democratic candidates that run for local and Marion County offices.

During election cycles, the club:

  • Holds rallies
  • Participates in registration efforts
  • Contributes to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts
  • Carpools to other community town halls, rallies, and local venues to discuss issues
Marion Oaks T shirt
A T-shirt design made to raise awareness and money
Marion Oaks Fish Fry 2017
Our Spring 2017 fish fry behind the community center