Conservative Justice

By: Ed Darling


The far right’s power-and-greed agenda cannot succeed without “conservative” courts that empower their elitist schemes. Packing the judiciary thusly is so vital to their cause that it is the sole reason so many conservatives tolerate Trump’s bungling narcissism. The conservative philosophy is portrayed like “motherhood and apple pie” — who could be against smaller government, free enterprise, and strict adherence to our Constitution? As with so much else, such characterizations belie more perverse intentions. Here are three aspirations exposed:


Preserve Elitist Supremacy: One tactic aimed at preserving elitist supremacy is claiming religious freedoms in order to discriminate against the marginalized and to prevent women from controlling their own bodies — effectively taking away religious freedoms of those with differing beliefs. Reducing government support for public education and healthcare helps suppress non-elites while opening the doors for profiteering and exploitation. Also in their crosshairs for suppression are birthright and other paths to citizenship, raising the minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, comprehensive census counts, and increased childcare funding.


Minimize Government’s Role: Government regulations are society’s defined limits for pillaging, profiteering, and exploitation. The fewer and weaker the regulations, and the lesser the enforcement, the more the barons can get away with. A very narrow interpretation of our Constitution limits government’s ability to regulate what our visionary founders could never have foreseen — like the internet and like single-shot black-powder guns evolving into mass killing machines. Restricting government’s reach through whatever means possible, especially involving finance and the environment, furthers their greed-driven agenda.


Perpetuate Elitist Control: A host of voter suppression tactics seek to inhibit black, brown, young, and poor voters. Jerrymandering of voting districts enables people with minority views to outweigh majority views. The Citizens United ruling awarded undue influence in elections to money and special interests. Conservatives further suppress the will of voters by restrictive interpretations of legislation like the Voting Rights Bill and Florida’s constitutional amendment to restore voting rights to ex-felons.


If these points do not convince you that change is needed, consider that “Notorious RBG” spent her entire life fighting for a completely different vision of justice in America. Let us keep her fight alive by voting into office those whose selected judges will nullify nefarious tactics like those outlined above.